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Texture: Through Claymations and Soaps

Texture in 3d created by a variety of materials

LACP 20 (detail) LINEAR-ACTIONS CUTTING PROJECT Started in '99, this is my life work. I individually cut single sheets of paper by free-hand and stack them together. The work consists of positive or negative shapes. I am trying to embody relationships among humans, time and nature. Noriko Ambe:

Noriko Ambe

Kohei Nawa

New Feather Sculptures by Kate MccGwire sculpture multiples feathers birds:

Kate McCwire

Tracing paper and wheat paste… delicate, organic, beautiful, light-filled tracing paper and wheat paste. That’s it. Seriously. Sigh. I love this sculptural work by San Francisco based artist Mary Button Durell… and don’t even get me started on her workspace!* I want my studio filled with lovely cells and cones made solely from tracing paper and wheat paste!!!:

Mary Button Durrell

Lauren Clay creates these three-dimensional sculptures out of papier-mâché and painted cut paper (among many other things) that go far beyond the limits of paper’s two-dimensionality.:

Lauren Clay

Angelika Arendt, 2012 Absolutely astonishing!:

Angelika Arendt, 2015

Angelika Arendt

I came across some delightful sculptures from artist Ryan Johnson that got me pretty excited. I'm very interested by these playful characters, full of dignified humor despite an almost laughably pathetic appearance. These guys remind me a little bit of Ed Kienholz's work too, which is:

Ryan Johnson

Emily Barletta is a genius at crochet and here is here amazing story

Emily Barletta

Wall sculpture - Jeannine-Marchand:

Jeannine Marchand

Studio and Homework A (due next week): Texture Claymation

In class, you are to create 2 texture cubes.  All sides of your cube should have some sort of texture and the two cubes should be made of opposing textures (rough vs smooth for example).

Six Stamps in One Square Cube Dice Multi Use Clay Stamp for Ceramics Pottery Polyclay Version ONE:

Using your phone camera and a simple backdrop (black or neutral paper sheets) you will take between 30-45 photos of your cubes approaching eachother, colliding, and then creating a third type of texture or combination of textures.

These images will be imported into IMovie, Photoshop, or any other stop motion animation software to create a 1-2 minute claymation.

and if you have made it this far ….

Texture Homework B (due week 8): Soap Carving

You will each be given a paper bag with a small object inside the bag.  Without looking at the object you are to feel the surface of the object paying close attention to the textures and shapes.  To the best of your ability, carve down one bar of soap to replicate the unknown object in the bag.  Pay attention to scale, proportions and textures.

After you have completed your blind carving, you will then take the object out of the bag and carve your second bar of soap to make an exact replica of your object.

This time, you are to document the process through stop motion.  After you have perfected the carving process and recreated the object, think about ways to continue its transformation.  Add water, burn it, etc.  Record this process into your stop motion.  These should be emailed to me before class next week or brought in on a usb drive.  

The following app is FREE and versatile.

Peter Root

Soap Art

Soap Popcorn and lots of other carved soaps….

Mary Giehl