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Final Project Assigned and Workday for Multiples Project

Before we play one last thing to cover….

The Golden Ratio

Useful to consider when determining your composition and framing.  It wont always be what you want to do but who knows, it might come in handy…


some useful templates:


Design Fundamentals Final Project

Your last project will be a series of three pieces that thematically and visually relate.

Each work should show careful planning and relate form to content. This includes your presentation or framing of each piece.  Is it mounted? Framed? Or do you have creases and glue spots?

Any materials we have used in class will be allowed including stop-motions.  NO TO DIGITALLY ILLUSTRATED IMAGERY.  MAYBE TO TEXT, see me first.  YES TO COLLAGED MATERIAL, YOUR OWN PHOTOGRAPHY, MIXED MEDIA.

You can think of this as three logos that represent a person at different stages in their life, a three part visual story, an illustration of movement, etc.

This project must show formal decisions that support the content of the works. Including three of the following:


Negative space (figure ground)

Perspective (linear or aerial)


Color (monochromatic, triadic, polychromatic)

Gestalt (whole is greater than sum of parts)

Space (scale and proportion)

Composition (rule of thirds, golden mean)

Pattern or Repetition

Variety and Unity