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Color Schemes

From the studio Richard Mehl, the study of color combinations.

“The color stripe composition, like a color grid, presents students with the challenge of exploring specific color contrasts. In this assignment, I asked students to explore what Itten called contrast of extension—also referred to as contrast of proportion. This form of color contrast is based on the concept of light values, originally proposed by the 19th century German polymath Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. …

In these projects, students used the principle of light values, along with personal color associations, to express concepts related to war and peace. They explored the idea of a stripe composition as a kind of abstract expression—the rhythmic intervals, proportional relationships, and suggestive characteristics of simple parallel forms. The visual structure of a diptych is employed to express the contrasts and connections of war and peace.”



Studio Assignment: Chose one of the following concepts: War and Peace, Life and Death, Up and Down, Chaos and Order, Pain or Pleasure, Failure or Success, Love and Hate, Male and Female.  Just as in the examples above, you will create a diptych with colored pencils on paper.  EACH panel must be mounted.  Think about the scale and shape of each part of the diptych.  These will be completed in class today.  No smaller than 6″ x 6″ for each panel.

Homework: Invented perspective letter invasion (help with lettering can be found HERE and here.)

Artists: Ed Rushca, Wayne White, Morgan Giselle Milders

Perspective Tutorials and FUN STUFF: