Week 9/10 Individual Meetings

I would like to meet with you all individually to check in on your progress and answer any questions you might have about the content covered this far in the course.

I will also be giving you information on your artist presentations that will be due week 14 (the class before our final exam).

I am available to meet before or after class, or on Friday before noon.  If these times do not work for you, please let me know what will and we can schedule another time.  In the meantime you can read the presentation guidelines and start to think of what artist you might want to share with the class.

Design Fundamentals Oral Presentation on an Artist of Your Choice

These presentations are meant to be of benefit to the entire class by giving them the opportunity to learn a little bit about the life and work of a specific artist who you find makes good work utilizing the principles of art and design that we have covered in this class.  The presentation should be no more than 10 minutes long.  It should be accompanied by no more than four ppt slides or images.  The images should be carefully chosen, because you should spend time talking about each one and should discuss how the works exemplify one or another of the design fundamentals.

You should include some basic information in your first 2 minutes–information on where and when the artist was born, how he or she began making art and the interest or message they send through their work.

The rest of your presentation (8 minutes) can concentrate on:

  • the artist’s individual ideas and/or inventions
    • different stages in the artist’s production (if they exist)
    • why you consider the artist to be important (or why he or she is overrated or underrated)

Be prepared to answer questions from the class on your artist.


Please email me your presentation before class so I can load them onto the computer.  You should also bring your presentation on a thumb drive in the event a file cannot open.


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