“Day and night, light and darkness — this polarity is of fundamental significance in human life and nature generally. The painter’s strongest expression of light and dark are the colors white and black. The effects of black and white are in all respects opposite, with the realm of grays and chromatic colors between them. The phenomena of light and dark, both among white, black, gray, and among pure colors, should be thoroughly studied, for they yield valuable guides to our work.”

– Johannes Itten, The Art of Color

value (power point presentation) or value (pdf document)

value scales: various shades from light to dark

Examples of 10 step value scales using lines or dots with a pencil or pen:

Homework: 100 pennies value composition.  You are creating a composition or narrative via stop-motion that uses value as a compositional strategy.  If it is going to be a physical object or arrangement that you bring into class next, week you need to think about presentation.  Are they glued down or do you need to come to class a bit early to set them up?  If it is a stop motion, you need to make sure you have enough frames for a cohesive narrative and the animation needs to be emailed to me prior to the start of class.  In the above value scales, they are linear going from dark to light. value scales can be depicted in other ways, imagine cutting up these scales and rearranging.  Using your pennies, you will create a value scale composition.  Keep in mind it does not need to be a line like those above but will need to strategically transition from one step to another. A new role of pennies will not work for this assignment so you will need to collect a variety of pennies in different conditions. 

You can see an example of someone using pennies in a 5 step value scale here. Other ideas for construction and design can be seen here.

While you will not be able to do designs exactly like the artists above (due to material cost and equipment)… NOT do this.


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