Lines to Shapes

From Contour Line to Gesture
Studio: Subtractive Drawing and Implied Shapes/Spaces

William Kentridge

Studio A: Negative Space Drawing Exercise (20 mins)
Looking at the still life set up for you, draw only the outline of the objects.  You can think of this as outlining the object OR outlining the space around the object.  Once complete, fill in the spaces surrounding your object (the negative space).

Studio B: Erasure and Subtractive Drawing (25 mins)
Again working with the same still life, outline the object (or the spaces surrounding it).  This time, completely fill in the  area of the object.  With your erasure, erase a bit of the medium to reveal lighter areas of the object (where there are highlights).

Implied Shapes and Forms

Tom Friedman, Open Black Box, 2006, Black construction paper, 137 in. x 137 in. x 137 in., Courtesy of Gagosian Gallery.

From Line to Shape

Studio C: Implied Shapes and Implied Lines
Using the worksheet and materials provided to you, create 2 examples of an implied shape (one geometric and one organic) and 2 examples of an implied line.

Homework: Complete Wire Portraits and bring to class (with reference drawing) for critique next week.


Soft-edged lines
Review of shapes


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