Final Project: One Minute, Two Parts, and a Third to Consider

part one


One-Minute Sculpture assignment (after Erwin Wurm): Using your body as a sculptural object, explore different materials and settings to create two photographs.  Print these and mount OR frame them.

These one minute sculpture photographs are DUE one week before our final.  December 2nd for Tuesday class, December 4th for Thursday class.  Remember, these are fun!  

part two

Body Extension. Working sculpturally with the body, you will  create a lightweight structure to be worn. This project is a mixed media assignment lasting approximately 3 weeks. You are invited to work with any material(s) you deem appropriate to execute your idea. You will photograph yourself wearing your body extension and print it out.  This will be included with your photographs from part one.  Your final extension piece must be brought to the critique.

Naomi Falk


Charles Freger

Jonas Lindberg Jenny Hillenbrand

Rebecca Horn





In 1968 Rebecca Horn produced her first body sculptures, in which she attached objects and instruments to the human body, taking as her theme the contact between a person and his or her environment. Einhorn (Unicorn) is one of Horn’s best known performance pieces: a long horn worn on her head, its title a pun on the artist’s name. She presented Einhorn at the 1972 Documenta.[5] Its subject is a woman who is described by Horn as “very bourgeois” is “21 years-old and ready to marry. She is spending her money on new bedroom furniture,” walks through a field and forest on a summer morning wearing only a white horn protruding directly from the front of the top of her head and the straps holding it there. These straps are almost identical to the ones worn in Frida Kahlo’s painting Broken Column. The image, with wheat floating around the woman’s hips, is simultaneously mythic and modern. (wikipedia)

part three


After reviewing all the assignments from the semester, locate and gather all your finished and incomplete projects in the classroom, place them in a compact pile, and carefully consider it. Using drawings, collage, and/or various computer programs, design and build a container that corresponds to the form of the projects pile, making sure it holds everything and is structurally sound. When finished with construction, place all your projects in your specially designed form and take it away from the classroom. Please do not leave any of these forms/containers outside the classroom, in the halls, or in your locker.


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